How to Recall a Sent Email in Gmail (Do This ASAP!)

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Hitting the “Send” button in a hurry can be your worst nightmare. Inexplicably, the ability to recall an email you just sent is not a default function in Gmail! But it’s one of Gmail’s most important “Labs” and you have to enable it in Settings before you can use it:

1. Click on the Gear Icon (top right) > Settings, and click on the Labs tab.

2. Under Search for a lab, type in “undo send”.

3. Enable this Lab and click Save Changes at the bottom.

4. Now if you ever send an email you instantly want to stop from transmitting, just click “Undo” at the center top of Gmail immediately:


5. Gmail sets the default time you can “Undo Send” to 10 seconds. You can extend this to up to 30 seconds under Gear Icon > Settings > General:


This is a simple set of steps that may save you a ton of anxiety the one time in a 1,000 you make a mistake sending the wrong email to the wrong recipient. Why run the risk of not enabling this feature ASAP?

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  • RajVasireddy

    good one!

  • Shanthu Betagalli

    Thanks… I have to recall the mail which i sent before one hour , is it possible? pls respond me on this..

    • Laary Cemel

       Shanthu, as of now, the magic Undo button is valid for 30 seconds.

  • pejy

    Thank you.
    I needed to delete a massage from the inbox of the recipient, then i googled it, and fortunately i came across your page.
    thank YOU again.

  • pablo

    Thanks! I been looking for this for long since you can do this in outlook. 

  • Pkandavel

    garbage. i want to know if i can recall, once I have hit “send

  • Suzanneali13

    I guess that means that If I do not have this enabled I cannot recall a message that I sent in error.  I have enabled this now but just sent a message prior to enabling?

  • LondiniumJake

    Brilliant!! Nice n clear – simple instructions that have now worked !!

    Thank you!!

  • Ravikumar K

    Thanks for the wonderful info just now i sent a wrong message and was thinking what i can do to stop it and searched and found your blog  next time i can undo :-)

  • Pendar747

    There is no option for that in the settings any more!!!

  • Marianne Mcglynn

    what if you sent it, left the email (to read how to recall) then want to recall?

  • Skduskadum

    its no working…..can anyone help me how to recall a email…reach me at

  • llio_oill

    Thank you very much

  • Paul Wilson

    Great Post ! Gmail user can simply do looking this screen shot. we provides Gmail Tech Support

  • rei


  • Guest

    you can’t recall if the service provided is different. like sending mail from gmail to hotmail then it will not work. From Gmail to Gmail it will work to recall delivered mail from recipient inbox.

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  • Athaullah

    I have sent mail yesterday how to delete that mail