How to Automatically Save Screenshots in Windows

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Windows has a great native app for capturing screenshots called Snipping Tool that appears on the main Windows menu (formerly “Start” menu), but one very helpful and time-saving feature is missing from it: the ability to automatically save your screenshots to your Desktop or folder for rapid multiple image-capture and easy organization later on.

We started using a great tool called Greenshot, which is free (download) and was well-recommended by places like CNET and has a wealth of great features like adding handy graphics and annotation, and automatically saving screenshots to a Folder of your choosing.

After downloading and installing, launch Greenshot and the first thing you notice is, there’s no application window. Greenshot “runs in the background” and appears on the bottom right of the Windows Taskbar:

(Incidentally, we used the app itself to take a shot of this and to add the nifty red circle showing you where it is. Meta.)

Just right-click on the “G” icon to see popular actions like “Capture window,” “Capture full screen,” and “Capture region”. Click on Preferences and when that window opens, click on the Output tab. Under “Screenshot Destination”, check “Save directly (using settings below)” and select the destination Folder for all screenshots you take (e.g., I set it to the Desktop).

Now every time you take a screenshot with Greenshot, a copy of it is instantly saved to the Folder destination of your choice! This is something Mac users are used to and will enjoy about this app when using Windows 7.

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